The costs to society of human trafficking, the adult entertainment industry, and the dollars spent in this industry are staggering.  The personal effects of these actions on individual women is overwhelming!  Drug addiction, illnesses, social decline, sexual trauma, sexual abuse constitute the daily existence for many of these women, these human beings.  Through my affiliation and certification with Treasures and other organizations, I have access to a wealth of data, knowledge, and training materials.  If you would like information regarding any of these areas, please CONTACT ME.

Public Speaking

My story is a powerful story of redemption.  I will come to your Church, your event, meet with your organizations and share my story.  When people can cast aside the judgements and the labels that stand between us, there can be healing, hope, love, acceptance, and blessed redemption!  My story only has effect if it is told, please consider booking me to speak at your event.  Schedule Me To Address Your Event!

Personal Support

If you know someone that needs my help, I am a phone call away.  If that person is ready to make the changes necessary to move their life in a different path, I am there to walk beside them!  Call my office to schedule an appointment.

Next Steps…

If you have questions, please contact me via the Contact Form or call my office!  This is a ministry of healing and love; doing the work that I believe the Lord has set before me.  Please consider donating to this cause because every person stuck out there is a human being, in need of support, help, and the love of all of us!