MY Approach

I believe that I am not a “rescuer”, I walk beside each person I help and together we tell our stories.  Stories have the power to break chains, empower and give us comfort.  If people can put aside the fears of judgement, lack of love, and failure they find HOPE!  I tell my stories to show that no matter how bad things have been, no matter how lost you are, no matter what you may face every day; you are not alone.  It is my wish, my prayer, that those women suffering from the effects of sexual trauma, sexual abuse, human trafficking, and their struggles existing in the adult entertainment world will find the strength through my stories to change their lives.

My Story

Looking back, I can trace back the events that led me down a darkened path to my childhood.  Somehow, all the actions and events ended up with me being on drugs and stripping for a living.  My story, as bad as it is, is only the preface to the real story.  How I went from a position of addiction and degradation to a feeling of control, value, purpose, and love is the real story!  Now my purpose is to share this story of hope, love, and redemption and to help as many people as I can find than same path.

Brandy Smith

Founder & CEO